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Information to be found in New Jersey's

Birth, marriage, and death records

Where census records are the master source when it comes to identifying descendants, state vital statistics are key in climbing the tree and finding ancestral lines. Birth, marriage, and death records can not only identify ancestors' parents. They pin down the major events of a life to a specific date, which gives a clearer historical picture and opens new avenues of research. Occasionally, these records can help uncover a gripping family story.

Information that MAY appear on your certificate/record

(The information that is provided on these documents varies, with the earliest records providing the least detail in general)

Child's name, gender, race, date and place of birth; parents' names, occupations, place of residence, ages, countries of origin; number of children mother has had, number still living

Bride and groom's names, ages, places of residence, occupation, previous marital status, date and place of marriage; couple's parents' names (usually including maiden names!), countries of origin; witnesses' names

Decedent's name, gender, age, date and place of death, place of birth, marital status, occupation, cause of death, length of illness; parents' names and countries of origin

NJ vital records I can research and acquire for you:

--Births 1848-1900

--Births 1901-1923
Unindexed. Each year will take me to a separate reel, so knowing the year of birth or narrowing it to a couple of years with a census age will make this simpler.

--Marriages 1665-1848
Many colonial and early county-recorded marriages can be researched. These early marriage records typically do not give much detail, often naming only the bride, groom, date, and place.

--Marriages 1848-1900

--Marriages 1901-1940
Arranged by year. Once again, knowing the year reduces it down to a simple pull.

--Deaths 1848-1940
These records are generally arranged by year and county. Having some knowledge of when and where the death occured will be helpful, particularly for those occurring after 1900. We can search these in order to pin down an obit or vice versa.

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