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Local , military, and immigration records


Most New Jersey naturalization records can be researched. These are almost always filed under the name of the man with his wife being naturalized with him. Naturalizations through 1906 in New Jersey can be searched, as well as naturalizations through 1929 in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Salem and Union counties.


While most immigration records are not specific to New Jersey, vast amounts of information are available to be researched. In fact, because of New Jersey's unusual location pressed between the huge ports of New York and Philadelphia, it is rarely wise to limit one's search of passenger lists to the state of New Jersey. Your ancestors may have set foot in America just a quick ferry ride away from the Garden State.

Military records

Various records from numerous sources exist documenting military enlistment of New Jersey soldiers. The most searchable records available cover the following conflicts:
  • Revolutionary War (revolutionaries and loyalists)
  • Civil War
  • Spanish American War
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korean War

Tax ratables

New Jersey tax ratables from 1772 to 1822 can be researched. These list heads of household by township, and quantify taxable elements of the household's estate including land, livestock, and such. While these do not offer any detail nor do they list other family members, they can assist in pinning down a family to a particular location in a period for which there are no census records available.


Deeds recorded from 1664 to 1900 are generally available for research, with those recorded before 1794 being readily searchable. Deeds should be researched well after a number of other angles have been pursued, as they tend not to offer much insight into familial relations and instead bring a touch of color and detail to a family history.

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